23. nov 2017, 19.00 changelog

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    • Preparations for WOE on 25.11.17 (Classic mode without Ancient Equipment, Guild Reputation Skills and Item Enchantments). Opened Cyr castle (arug_cas02)
    • Added ranking on PvP-Arena https://rage.land/?module=ranking&action=pvprank
    • You can no longer quit the game and use Butterfly Wing for 4 seconds after receiving or dealing damage in Ancient Cemetery
    • Fixed the BG food dispel
    • Fixed saving of the MVP respawn after restarting the server
    • A few tweaks & improvements for server stability.
    • Hercules release v2017.11.19

    Other changes.
    • Queen Scaraba respawn was changed from 2hr to 12hr
    • Fixed issue with skills fails in party.
    • Fixed memory leaks & immortal characters/nohead characters bugs.
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